Raiver Skyspear MK1
by RabidViper
uploaded 2015-08-13
stock aircraft
#Futuristic #Airplane #Two #Crew
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  • Type: SPH
  • Class: aircraft
  • Part Count: 38
  • Stock:
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The first creation of Rabid Viper Aerospace LTD. Legend says the Raiver Skyspear came about through two engineers drinking while working late one night at our skunkworks. No one quite knows what drink they were consuming that fatal night, but we can only assume that the alcohol percentage of their beverage of choice was most likely on par with most anti-bacterial solutions. The resulting aircraft was deemed such an aesthetic accomplishment by the two engineers, that one subsequently passed out from what he called ‘awesome-ness overload’. To this day, it is still unclear as to whether this was the case or the alcohol he was consuming had finally gotten the better of him. The name was decided through a ‘democratic’ committee (AKA the Rabid Viper YouTube channel comments section) at the completion of development of the aircraft. The two engineers who designed the craft later resigned because of this, stating their reason for leaving as ‘the suggestion of the name FIRST! wasn’t taken seriously enough, thus the democratic voting had been corrupted in some way’. Rabid Viper Aerospace LTD. Can neither confirm nor deny these claims. Today, due to it’s ‘Awesome-ness’, the shape of the SkySpear is widely recognized throughout the population of Kerbin, and is a popular pin-up poster in the bedrooms of young male Kerbonauts everywhere. Although now slightly outdated in terms of handling and performance when compared with newer Rabid Viper Aerospace LTD products (See our Hangar for more information), the SkySpear remains in wide use today thanks to it’s extreme versatility and it’s ability to be adapted for many situations.

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