Little BigWing
by PsychoticBagel
uploaded 2017-01-13
stock aircraft


The name Little BigWing comes from the size and thickness of the wing compared to the disproportionaly small fuselage.

This little menace can be a pain to fly, but also a joy. Doesn’t make sense? Give it a go, see what you think. The strange aerodynamic forces make it fairly easy to fly without SAS, but the same aerodynamics also make flying with gimballed engines an unwise choice. The gimbal is locked due to this. With giimbal active, it becomes hyper-manueverable, prone to turn far too fast and flame out, resulting in difficult to correct spins and stalls.

Top Speed(s):
115.1m/s @500m (No Afterburner)
188.9m/s @500m/s (Afterburner)
130-156m/s @5000m (No afterburner)
196.6m/s @5000m (Afterburner

Weight: ~13T
Propulsion: Panther
Death Rate: TBD

Side Note: An attempt was made to create a Ramjet Variant, but it was entirely unflyable. I had hoped it would be faster and more awesome, but it was impossible to fly, and constantly crashed upon takeoff, or spun out mere moments after becoming airborne. The death rate was so high that the Kerbal Rights Society came out of hiding and declared it unethical to equip Ramjets on this plane. They were thanked for their input, then chased back into their bunkers. However, once even Jeb couldn’t fly it, the R&D and Mission Control came to the brand new, completely original and never before considered conclusion that these engines were dangerous.

A stock aircraft called Little BigWing. Built with 41 of the finest parts, its root part is Mark2Cockpit.

Built in the SPH in KSP version 1.2.2.


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: aircraft
  • Part Count: 41
  • Pure Stock
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