VTOL - Pelicant
by PsychoBob
uploaded 2016-08-14
(updated 2016-08-17)
stock ship
#ksp #vtol #stock #plane #jet

The PELICANT VTOL - Pure stock craft that can rotate the main wing to achieve vertical take off and landing, but also achieve efficient horizontal flight distance. It can make it to the western shore of the continent (through the mountains west of KSC) on half a tank of gas. It also carries it’s own fuel mining and processing plant for extended trips.

TAKEOFF Checklist:
-Use Goliaths (AG1) and Panther (AG2) for vtol
-Use Panther Afterburners for additional control (AG3)
-Whiplashes can be used in VTOL but will flip you over, use with caution.

VTOL —> Level Flight Checklist:
-Achieve 250+ Altitude, 40 m/s horizontal
-Kill Engines (X)
-Disengage lock (AG0)
-Switch to swivel control ( [ or ] )
-Rotate engine forward (W) until lock
-Engines full thrust

Horizontal Flight —–> Vertical Flight Mode:
-Reduce speed to under 100 m/s
-Altitude 1000 m ++
-Disengage engine lock
-Rotate engine backward (S) until lock
-Engines full thrust until stable

Note: If you downloaded this craft previously, I’ve fixed the wing rotating issues that prevented returning to VTOL mode in flight. Follow flightplan above.


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: ship
  • Part Count: 208
  • Pure Stock
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