by PsychoBob
uploaded 2017-10-11
(updated 2017-10-11)
stock aircraft
#stock #krakentech #transformer #vtol

Introducing the StockHawk, the sequel and fierce foe of Stocktimus Prime. Contrary to popular belief Transformers are not toys and it is not to be flown in a casual fashion. Only the best trained pilots are able to handle the tech required for this craft to be flown by kerbal-kind.

This is only the first second (10/11/17) iteration prototype of the craft and much of its flight capability is still being tuned. This craft will be updated as I finalize the design but it’s too awesome not to share as it is already usable for some fun crashes.

There are strict check-lists to be able to fly the StockHawk.

Check out Stocktimus Prime (truck transformer):


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: aircraft
  • Part Count: 239
  • Pure Stock

Rapid Launch Checklist

Recently updated the craft file to double hinge reliability allowing for rapid shift launch checklist.
1) Lock SAS, Full Throttle
2) Toggle Afterburners (ag 3)
3) Raise gear
4) Double tap Full Transform (ag 0)
5) Pull up during transition / Spam full throttle
6) Confirm docking on all pieces

Sitting Sequence Checklist

To go from ‘Standing’ to ‘Sitting’ (shown in video)
1) Unlock SAS, Retract gear
2) Double tap Full Transform (ag 0)
3) Confirm docking on all pieces
4) Extend Gear

Standing Sequence Checklist

From a sitting position to a standing position
1) Retract gear, Lock SAS
2) Fold Wings (ag 9)
3) Hold ‘back’ on the stick/pitch control
4) Fold Body (ag 8)
5) Retract gear

Landing Checklist

Landing is still in beta, and I would only recommend landing horizontally for the time being.

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