Hypernovae MK4
by Planetace
uploaded 2017-05-07
stock lifter
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The Hypernovae MK4 was built during the time of which Thrimm aerospace put up a public vote on which freighter they would use for their space program. The public all swooned over the Kharon, a large range Freighter, but used custom parts not provided by engineering company SQUAD. Due to this the board of Supernovae Industries came together to build the biggest Hypernovae yet, with the highest payload possible. In turn, the Hypernovae MK4 was born. And whats more, to teach that Stock parts are great even compared to modded parts from third party engineering companies, the Hypernovae MK4 was built fully stock.

The Hypernovae MK4 comes with a large array of fuel efficient nuclear engines, of which were decided by the Board because achieving the highest possible cargo mass wouldn’t be possible with rocket engines. The entire ship also provides a few luxuries, including space that wasn’t part of the Hypernovae MK2. 4 large solar arrays provide an infinite stream of energy, requiring that nobody takes any cargo to far out worlds in the Kerbol system. The delta V of the hypernovae MK4 is so high that with 2000 tons, it can carry that payload all the way to Eeloo, as long as the pilot is experienced in gravity assists.

The maximum cargo limit for the Hypernovae MK4 is 10000 tons, yes we said that right, 10000 tons. This maximum is determined on how much can be transported from Low kerbal orbit to Low mun orbit, and potentially land if a pilot is experienced enough and knows what to do. (However, the board highly advises that you just pack a smaller rocket to land the 10000 tons with.) However, this large cargo limit and high range comes with a price, the TWR. At max, the TWR is 0.18, which is very low. Luckily, the Hyeprnovae MK4 would and should always be in orbit, so it experiences microgravity and this the TWR only affects how much speed the ship can gain in a second.

Sadly, since Thrimm Aerospace has put up their poll, this hypernovae will never be allowed to be voted into their space program. However, Supernovae industries have great plans for this freighter…


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: lifter
  • Part Count: 356
  • Pure Stock
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