Hypernovae MK2
by Planetace
uploaded 2017-04-21
stock lifter
#frigate #Lifter #Large

– Description –
The Hypernovae frigate is a large scale frigate capable of delivering 1000 tons to LMO and back, with approx 1600 m/s of delta V when it is fully loaded with both its max fuel limit and max cargo limit. This frigate doesn’t come with a lot of room, but does offer luxuries like unlimited power via 4 large solar arrays, and multiple docking ports! The ship is about 1100 tons, but has a low part count of which is around 135 parts.

– Company and Latest technological designs –
Developed by Supernovae Industries, the Hypernovae comes with the latest in docking port technology, of which is the multi-port docking port! Have a ship that has a docking port? But no Sr docking port? Dont worry! The multi-port docking port allows either of those docking ports to dock with the Hypernovae frigate! (Keep in mind, there are no Jr docking ports on this thing.)

Despite multi-docking port technology already being around, the engineering head can quite safely tell you that it was developed independently from other space programs, and that it inst to increase stability but to make it so multiple docking ports can be used while minimum space is used. So rest assure.


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: lifter
  • Part Count: 134
  • Pure Stock
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