Antonov A-40
by Pieliker96
uploaded 2018-05-05
stock aircraft
#tank #stock #Antonov #replica #A-40

A sorta-replica of an Antonov A-40, a crazy glider that the Soviets thought up during WWII. The idea was to be able to drop tanks with the troops already in them (as opposed to dropping them separately), which would save time on the battlefield.

Like the real thing, it’s draggy as hell, although I imagine it glides significantly better in KSP than it did in real life.

The tank is based on the Soviet T-60. Since making a tow plane for gliders in KSP is kinda difficult (without mods anyways), I opted for three SRBs to boost it to altitude. The plane stalls at around 15 m/s, so land at around 20.

The way I recommend landing is to stage the glider when right above the ground. I’ve tried landing the tank with the glider still attached, which works fine, but detaching the glider at that point always breaks the wheels.


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: aircraft
  • Part Count: 184
  • Pure Stock

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