Auricom T-808 Series 1
by Phoenix447
uploaded 2023-02-07
stock+DLC ship
#wipeout #anti-gravity

Flying Brick

Monolithic, immovable, anachronistic - the T-808 represents an aging, stubborn team’s answer to the raging waters of the F9000, where Pirhana‍s, Xios‍es and Tigron‍s roam the open sea. In a sense, it is Auricom’s way to race the Auricom way in a world like the F9000’s.

The F9000 league brought with it a wave of changes that would drastically change the face of anti-gravity racing. And left behind in its wake was Auricom industries. The shifting tides of the sport necessitated a radical answer to this new era of anti-gravity. Their response? The heaviest, most brutish ship the league has ever seen since its inception way back in 2048.

As the sport shifts more towards combat, violence, and destruction, Auricom and their ships represent the antithesis to this change. Believing themselves to be the sole guardians of the soul of AG-Racing, they are more than willing to make their own philosophy of the purity of the race known to the other teams. With force. And violence.

Because not only is the Auricom ship designed like a tank, an ark – if you will – for “the soul of anti gravity racing”, the T-808 is also designed like a tank; frequently dishing out warm dishes of cold hard revenge, to remind the other teams on the grid, that, of course, violence is never the answer. Race the Auricom Way, or die.


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: ship
  • Part Count: 200
  • Pure Stock
  • KSP: 1.12.5

How to Fly the Auricom T-808

1.) Before launching, make sure to select a pilot to, well, pilot the ship
2.) Press [Stage] to start the main engines
3.) Press [AG1] to re-orient the control point downward, turn on SAS, and select Radial In. This will keep the craft stable.
4.) (Optional) Press [AG0] to quickly get up to speed. This button will increase the lift generated by the fan, and reduce friction with the ground, to make getting up to speed much quicker.

This ship has two similar flying modes:
[AG8] is the low speed mode. This mode favors grip and stability over top speed.
[AG9] is the high speed mode. This mode overclocks the lift fans, and reduces friction with the ground, allowing for higher top speed. Be careful though - you may find yourself lifting too far of the ground.

[AG2] Toggle deploys the lift fan blades. Press this once to bring the craft to a swift stop.
[AG3] Shuts down the thruster engines.

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