LR Wetwing Ultralight
by Overland
uploaded 2015-06-07
mod ship
#Ultralight #Scout #KAX #Light
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A Long Range Skytrike

Smaller and more agile than her sisterplane

  • designed for a long range scout role

  • Optimal top speed around 60-70

  • Cruise speed 50-55

  • Takeoff speed - 35

NOTE: Can become airborne initally at 23m/s but likely stalls when control surfaces refuse to respond - Generally resulting in dangerous drop in altitude uneffected by motor RPM - For safety start takeoff around 30+

  • 600 units of fuel contained in wet deltawing configuration
  • Conventional tricycle landing gear configuration with steerable nose wheel
  • Stable, Predictable flight - No need for SAS - Motor RPM & Trim only required

While vastly different than her previous stablemate - Ultralight Trike - she does retain some similarity in calmness in flight and no need to use SAS for stability

  • For emergency purposes in the event of an uncontrollable stall 2 emergency parachutes can be deployed - while they wont save the craft in general from falling to bits on impact it’ll prevent any explosions - Preserving the pilot

Action Groups

1 Engine Start/Stop

G (Gear) - Ladder Toggle for boarding

Backspace (Abort) - Emergency parachute deployment

0 Cut Parachutes - in the event of accidental deployment

  • Uses KAX & Sam Hall’s Kn-2 Cockpit - both mods updated for 1.02
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  • Kerbal Aircraft Expansion (KAX)
  • Kerbonov Pack - Updated
  • Squad (stock)
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  • Type: SPH
  • Class: ship
  • Part Count: 35
  • Mods: 3
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