North American F-86 "Sabre"
by NorthAmericanAviation
uploaded 2017-02-09
stock aircraft
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The Most Iconic U.S. Fighter Jet


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: aircraft
  • Part Count: 58
  • Pure Stock


The North American F-86 Sabre was one of the first aircraft to employ both leading edge-slats and a swept wing. This particular design of wing became known as the Sabre Aerofoil, and saw use in the designs of the F-100, F-107, and commercial Sabreliner biz-jet.

The F-86 has an astonishing history; the first jet fighter North American ever made, the FJ-1 Fury, would lay the groundwork for the coming series of developments leading to the proper F-86, despite how primitive it was in comparison. Several records would be broken by the F-86, including speed records once held by advanced research aircraft purely designed for high speed flight, such as the X-1 and Navy D-558-I. As it aged, the Sabre saw countless re-designations and design enhancements, including the F-86D/K/L Sabre Dog with a radome-nose and under-mounted intake scoop, the FJ-4 Fury, which had an entirely different wing, and the XF-93 proposal, which was very dissimilar to any other Sabre variant. Because of its pilot-friendly nature, relatively good agility, and platform versatility, the Sabre and its subsequent variants would see extensive service worldwide, finally being withdrawn from modern combat service in 1994(Bolivia). This model is a bit slow, top speed 285 m/s, but handles well and is very easy to recover from all types of spins.

Built in the SPH in KSP version 1.2.2.

This model also constitutes the FJ-2/3 (right), the only change being a lengthened front landing gear for greater angle of attack during carrier takeoff.

Here you will find everything that trails black smoke, jettisons fuel, and runs on liquid oxygen and ammonia. Oh, 20th Century aviation development, where art thou?

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