Convair B-58 "Hustler"
by NorthAmericanAviation
uploaded 2017-03-19
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Designed to be a low-altitude supersonic bomber, the Hustler was an idea heavily suppordted by the SAC (Strategic Air Command) and easily fulfilled this role by being capable of sustained Mach 2+ flight.

For its time, the avionics in the B-58 were rather advance; a combination of pilot skill and terrain guidance meant that constant low level flight could be achieved, even at maximum thrust from the four GE J79s.

The Bendix Trophy

The B-58 held several speed records and received many awards including the Thompson Trophy, the Mackay Trophy, the Bendix Trophy, and by far the most notable, the Harmon Trophy.

Despite all this the B-58 was not easy to fly—Differential thrust issues upon flame-out, very specific and high angle of attack at subsonic speeds, fuel sloshing changing the center of mass, and general unwieldiness plagued the supersonic, lawn-dart-shaped plane. Given these characteristics, though, B-58 pilots made great selections for SR-71 pilots given their experience with the low-tolerance, high-performance nature of large supersonic aircraft. The B-58 even served as a Hughes radar testbed for the F-12 (sister program to the RS-71). Who Knew!

ZenosWarbirds on – not mine

This model shares all the aforementioned characteristics, although it is much more forgiving in terms of stability.
(I chose to make the engines larger because Junos suck.)

Here you will find everything that trails black smoke, jettisons fuel, and runs on liquid oxygen and ammonia. Oh, 20th Century aviation development, where art thou?

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