Czar Galactica Mk 3
by NoobTool
uploaded 2016-10-06
stock spaceplane


The Czar Galactica Mk 3. 705 parts. Built as a high capacity SSTO spaceplane. 4 full length Mk3 cargo bays, 3 for orbital deployment, 1 ramp loading for surface operations. 900 tons is its approximate maximum gross vehicle weight for runway take-off and subsequent ascent to orbit, fuel must be balanced with payload. With the configuration in the craft file, I was able to get to orbit with greater than 33000 units of fuel and 5000 units of oxidizer left in the tanks. Yes, it’s a gas-guzzler. I included a module in the rear of the dorsal cargo bay I call Mandible meant to dock on the front of the craft to allow it to devour asteroids for in flight refueling. I haven’t tested it other than to dock it to the front and return it to the cargo bay. It is included in the part count.

Built in the SPH in KSP version 1.2.0. Fully Stock

Above image is an earlier variant, apparently I neglected to take any daylight atmospheric flight images of the Mk3.

In orbit, a view of the dorsal cargo bay and solar panels deployed. The Gigantor solar panels are stowed under Mk2 cargo bay doors. The Mk2 cargo bays are recessed into the flat surfaces of Mk3 fuel tanks. (yes, I know I’m a cheater)

A view of the engines: 34 Rapiers, 14 Turbo Ramjets, 14 NERV’s

Poorly lit view of rear ventral bay. Ventral bays are separated by a fuel tank to prevent rovers being driven onto the doors of the rear bay.

Landed on Minmus. I impressed myself by landing on the first attempt with no damage! This view shows the cargo ramp deployed.

This craft was built during the pre-release phase of KSP more info
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