Duna Transfer Vehicle
by NildimensionalString
uploaded 2017-10-06
(updated 2017-11-18)
stock ship
#duna #lander #stock #base

Landed on Duna, it can act as a ground relay for communications and as the starting point for the construction of a base.

Using its Skipper engine the DTV can achieve high Isp for a combustion rocket, coupled with high thrust for easy completion of maneuvers.


Using its engine and parachutes the DTV can easily aerobrake and soft land on Duna from LKO with Δv to spare.¨Can trasport up to 19 Kerbals in comfortable seats.¨¨It has enough Δv to return to LKO from the surface of Duna, but it cannnot survive a reentry on Kerbin. Refuel in orbit to reuse the craft.

A stock lander-ship-base(thing) called Duna Transfer Vehicle.

It can be flown unmanned, useful for returning to Kerbin and refurbishing the ship for another launch.
No stages jettisoned. Booster for orbital kick not included

The lack of large sized landing legs makes soft landings (<6m/sec) necessary.

Edit: Updated for 1.3.1


  • Type: VAB
  • Class: ship
  • Part Count: 60
  • Pure Stock

Even thinking about using this craft voids the warranty. Use at your own risk.
Brought to you by Wintertech Laboratories

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