STUD mk 26
by NickyDaFoxxo
uploaded 2018-01-07
stock ship


A stock rocket called STUD mk 26. Built with 127 of the finest parts, its root part is Mark1-2Pod. It costs a mere 199,038.5 funds.

Built in the VAB in KSP version 1.3.0.

[Completed as a Challenge from a member on Matt Lowne’s Discord Server]

This SSTO is capable of reaching orbit, and going to most places in the Kerbol system.

Instructions for flight:
It is recommended to launch 160 days before Duna transfer window opens.

1) Going from the surface of Kerbin to Minmus.
At launch, throttle is 100%, then activate Action Group (AG) 1. Once in the air, retract the landing legs with the landing gear action group. Follow a typical ascent curve, make Apoapse at least 80 km.

Once Vectors burn out, activate AG 2 to continue to orbit.

For best efficiency, make two burns to reach Minmus.

Once in orbit, proceed to land on Minmus and refuel for 140 Kerbin days.
WARNING: This craft does NOT have sufficient battery power to sustain overnight mining.
Please ensure STUD has at least 10,000 units of Oxidizer, and approx. 18-20,000 units of Liquid Fuel.

2) Going to Duna:
Liftoff from Minmus can be achieved with NERV engines, but it is recommended to use Vectors. Get into orbit, preferably equatorial, and wait for Minmus to move into the right position. You’re going to have to play with maneuver nodes here.

Once in orbit around Minmus, use maneuver nodes to estimate an appropriate time for launch. You want your Kerbin Periapse to occur shortly after sunset. Fire NERV engines to achieve this desired orbit around Kerbin.

Without circularizing, make a maneuver node at Kerbin Periapse and go prograde until an encounter with Duna is achieved. Fire NERV engines to achieve this desired orbit around the Sun.

3) Landing on Duna:
Circularize in Low Duna Orbit, then find a place to land on daylight side.
Two parachutes have been provided, although adjustment may be necessary. They are not enough to land the rocket. It is required to land upright using Vector engines.

Once landed, refuel. Completely refill fuel tanks.

When the Duna>Kerbin launch window opens, return to Kerbin as normal.

4) Returning to Kerbin:

It is a MUST to land back on Minmus to get the fuel necessary to land STUD 26 on the surface of Kerbin. Completely fill Oxidizer, and LF.

Circularize at LKO.

Deorbit as normal, about 50 m/s should be plenty.

At 47 km, fire the Vectors (using AG 1) to slow the rocket to an arguably safe 1,350 m/s.
At 10 km, fire again to slow down to a safe velocity of 500 m/s.
At 5 km, fire again for landing. Parachutes have been provided, although it is not possible to land with just these parachutes.

(Please note the rocket as seen on the Launchpad is STUD mk 25)
(Marcus House AND Matt Lowne said they liked this rocket!! I am suddenly WAY more proud of this thing)


  • Type: VAB
  • Class: ship
  • Part Count: 127
  • Pure Stock


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