Space Shuttle Resolution - NASA Replica
by Naito
uploaded 2016-06-08
(updated 2018-04-20)
stock+DLC ship
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Fully Stock KSP 1.x Space Shuttle
Rev 3.0
Updated for KSP 1.4
Flies perfectly in 1.5!

Space Shuttle Resolution

The HMS Resolution was one of James Cook’s ships (One of which was Endeavour of course). As well, there was apparently once an enthusiast recreation of the shuttle cockpit that was named Resolution. So I thought it an appropriate name for a KSP recreation by another shuttle enthusiast.

New for KSP 1.4

  • Fixed SAS induced launch oscillation problems!!!
  • Used new parts to make size ratios more accurate
  • Increased burn time on boosters for more payload capacity
  • fully certified for 40+T of cargo (no adjustments required)
  • meticulously rebalanced

New for KSP 1.2

  • Redesigned external Airlock, now seats 7 Kerbals!
  • K-Band Antenna (Action group 3)
  • Utilizes KSP 1.2 Rigid Attachment options for sturdier construction
  • RCS finally works well!!! Discovered just how bad the RCS was when trying to dock. FINALLY properly balanced. Please try and let me know if it’s still bad.

Key features

  • 100% Stock
  • NO SAS Modules - flies entirely with only RCS/Aero controls, but is fully stable in ALL flight regimes. No funny tilts over on it’s own! warnings.
  • Balanced design means it can fly even if you intentionally fail an engine….or TWO!
  • Can simulate all launch abort modes (see RTLS video at bottom of this page)
  • Fully recoverable boosters
  • 0 to 68T certified launch capability (no adjustments required)
  • GPC Simulation via 3 control nodes for best control as Rocket/Spacecraft/Hypersonic Reentry/Airplane
  • 40 degree nose-up re-entry, high cross-range capabilities like real shuttle

Original Features:

  • Completely 100% Stock!
  • Does NOT rely on SAS units to fly!! - Best way to learn how the real shuttle maintains control during flight!
  • Realistic twang effect on SSME ignition
  • Realistic braking system (main landing gear brakes only, front landing gear steering only)
  • Braking drogue chute
  • Recoverable boosters
  • Ability to perform ALL real shuttle aborts: simulate engine failures, gimbal failures during launch, and try for ATO/AOA/TAL/RTLS!
  • Action groups allow for OMS assist during launch
  • Fuel cell powered, use EDO pallet if you want extended duration missions!
  • Realistic OMS and RCS placement
  • Removable external airlock (reconfigure based on your cargo size)
  • Fuel dump ports to help adjust CoG for landing
  • CoG allows for stable nose-up re-entry up to about 40 degrees!
  • Uses new KSP SSMEs
  • Certified to launch 0 to 68T (4 full Ore tanks to 100km!)
  • Vernier engines as well as RCS for maneuvering
  • Redesigned OMS pods now use Fuel+Oxidizer rather than Monoprop. Shares fuel with fuel cells and vernier thrusters. SSME fuel is still isolated from rest of shuttle systems so you can safely burn to ET fuel exhaustion and still have OMS fuel remaining!
  • hybrid boosters (SRB integrated in LRBs to provide a bit of extra thrust and more dramatic exhaust effects)
  • GPC OPS MODE SIMULATION! See details below
  • Reduced part count!
  • Compatible with Inigma’s Shuttle Mission Pods! i.e.


The Space Shuttle General Purpose Computers (GPCs) were rather old and could not really handle the operations of the shuttle orbiter all at once, being simultaneously a rocket, spaceship and airplane. Thus the GPC software was divided into multiple OPS modes. Each was specialized in a specific area of flight.

This KSP shuttle sorta simulates this by having 4 distinct control points: Cockpit, Docking port, Orbit computer, Re-entry computer.

  • The cockpit is obvious, it defaults to a 0 degree alpha making the orbiter fly most like an airplane. This is also the preferred mode to fly during initial launch while SRBs are attached.
  • The docking port is also pretty obvious, it is best used during docking operations
  • There are TWO additional control points located below the rudder and above the center SSME. The lower one is the on-orbit ops mode computer. It defaults to a 15degree alpha, which points the OMS engines better through the CG of the orbiter in orbit, allowing for more precise adjustment burns.
  • The upper one is the re-entry mode computer. It defaults to a 40 degree alpha, which corresponds to the recommended re-entry angle for optimal heat control and S-turns.

Switch to the Orbit computer once you separate from the ET. Recommend you keep it here for the duration of on-orbit operations, aside from docking.

For Re-entry, the new re-entry mode makes S-Turns a cinch!

  • Switch to the Re-entry computer once you complete your de-orbit burn and select hold prograde
  • You’ll now be able to complete proper S-Turns simply by using the roll controls. The computer will keep you at the proper 40 degree nose up position.
  • Switch to the Orbit computer once you’re down to about 1300m/s, you’ll see your pitch trim saturate about then.
  • Switch to stability assist mode, and switch back to the cockpit for control and land from there!

Still supports all previous addons:

Kanadarm subassembly and OBSS sensor boom!

Sample payloads:

Flight tips

  • Best to use SAS to help with your launch and gravity turn
  • SAS to Radial during initial launch to help you clear the launchpad, then pitch up to your desired heading and switch to SAS Prograde
  • SAS Prograde will gradually pitch the shuttle in a good enough approximation to an optimal gravity turn.
  • By default, the ET is slightly short-fueled to more closely simulate a real ET fuel load. If you need more performance, simply top up all of the tanks, the shuttle will still launch fully balanced thanks to the additional gimballing abilities of the new SSME engines.

Support link at KSP Forums:


2.0 Initial Release

2.1 Tweaked RCS/Verner settings and landing gear (accidentally uploaded initial version was too far forward)

2.2 More RCS/Verner tweaks, Topped up ET by default for more lift capability, cleaned up booster tanks slightly and further reduced parts counts, added OPS mode sims

2.2b More RCS/Vernier tweaks, adjusted aero controls to reduce roll authority to make it easier to control, tweaked booster locations to make high dynamic load separations less exciting.


  • Type: VAB
  • Class: ship
  • Part Count: 197
  • Pure Stock

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