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uploaded 2015-04-29
(updated 2015-08-02)
stock ship
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Fully Stock KSP 1.0 Space Shuttle¨Rev 1.8

A stock rocket called KSP1-Shuttle. Built with 205 of the finest parts, its root part is mk3Cockpit.Shuttle.

Built in the VAB in KSP version 1.0.4. Works with all 1.x versions including 1.05!

A brand new shuttle built using all new KSP 1.0 stock parts!

Update 2016-06-03: I finally got to test the new KSP 1.1.2……and this flies perfectly unmodified! Launch/Reentry/Landing from 500km circular orbit!

Update 2016-06-14: New version specifically designed for KSP 1.1.2: https://kerbalx.com/crafts/14202


  • Completely 100% Stock!
  • Does NOT rely on SAS units to fly!! - Best way to learn how the real shuttle maintains control during flight!
  • Launch 0 to 36T with NO ADJUSTMENTS
  • Realistic twang effect on SSME ignition
  • Realistic fuel load (Oxidizer above Fuel)
  • Realistic braking system (main landing gear brakes only, front landing gear steering only)
  • Braking drogue chute
  • Ability to perform Single-Engine-Out aborts like STS-51F. Depending on when the engine goes out, you may or may not make orbit! (just like real shuttle!)
  • All SSME failure modes now supported! - Maintains control with ANY two engines out!
  • Ability to perform RTLS
  • Action groups allow for OMS assist during launch
  • Fuel cell powered, use EDO pallet if you want extended duration missions!
  • Realistic OMS and RCS placement
  • Removable external airlock (reconfigure based on your cargo size)
  • Fuel dump ports to help adjust CoG for landing
  • CoG allows for stable nose-up re-entry up to about 40 degrees!
  • Compatible with Inigma’s Shuttle Mission Pods! i.e. http://kerbalx.com/inigma/STS%20Fuel%20Pod

New! Officially supported Kanadarm subassembly and OBSS sensor boom!

Sample payloads:

Revision 1.8

  • Added mount points for Infernal Robotics Kanadarm and OBSS boom for easy attachment
  • Adjusted Action Groups, AG1 is now OMS toggle, AG2 is SSME shutdown
  • Tweaked wings slightly, previous version had a slight misalignment that I didn’t notice until recently
  • Tweaked OMS engines for easier placement
  • Tweaked fuel dump port alignment to try have better true null-acceleration dump action

Revision 1.7

  • REMOVED SAS module in orbiter. Doesn’t help as much as I thought, flies fine without. So officially there are NO SAS UNITS on this shuttle once again!
  • REMOVED split rudder airbrake. As nice as it looked, it seemed to cause unwanted instability when deployed. Will have to wait until stock parts update to make this possible I think.
  • Adjusted launch clamps so they’re prettier
  • tweaked SSME angles for more stability for all supported cargo weights (0 to 36T)
  • Added auto-deploy airbrakes to boosters to make them recoverable again in 1.03/1.04 aero. Makes the booster separation slightly less authentic as the fairings separate to release the airbrakes, but boosters are easily recovered. Replace with plain nosecone if you want to make it look closer to the real thing, but your boosters will crash and burn =p such are the tradeoffs with stock parts!

Revision 1.6

  • Major update: Baselined thrust for 18T in the cargo bay. Now can launch from 0-36T WITHOUT ANY ADJUSTMENTS!
  • Redesigned OMS pods again
  • Previous version had a bug where the SSMEs could drain fuel from the Orbiter tanks and render the fuel cells useless. As per @sgt_flyer’s suggestion, redesigned the fuel flow from the ET to the SSMEs to ensure that SSMEs only get fuel from the ET
  • Reduced thrust on the boosters to allow for a slightly longer burn time.
  • Moved SAS module from nosecone to cargo bay so that it can be easily removed if you want to try fly it without using ANY SAS modules. Be warned that rolls in orbit will consume a lot of propellent, but launch should be unaffected.

Revision 1.5a

  • Redesigned OMS pods for better aesthetics. No more tiger stripes =p

Revision 1.5

  • Redesigned engine mounts to allow for 100% throttle all the way to fuel depletion.
  • ALL SSME ENGINE FAILURE MODES SUPPORTED!! This means you can have ANY single engine fail, or even DUAL engine failure, and the orbiter will still be able to maintain control.

Revision 1.4

  • Figured out how to do a proper split-rudder airbrake.

Revision 1.3

  • Added 4th parachute to the boosters to help with recovering them intact. It’s a sporty re-entry for the boosters, but they land downrange and fairly close together in a decent approximation of how the real ones land.
  • Adjusted booster separation thrusters to work with 1.0/1.0.2/FAR physics
  • tested against FAR, seems to fly acceptably, make sure you re-enter shallow and nose up (about 5-10degrees, LD should be around 1)

Revision 1.2

  • Removed protective wing strakes now that the big-s strakes no longer explode when breathed on.
  • Adjusted fuel loads to allow for RTLS aborts again (suggest initiating flip-around only when above 50km altitude)
  • Adjusted engine angles to allow for STS-51F center engine out aborts, starting from T-0!
  • Certified to carry up to 20 tons to orbit without any adjustments! Flies equally well with empty cargo bay or a full oil drum fuel tank, including aborts!

Revision 1.1

  • External Tank now uses NASA replica fuel load, with Oxidizer on top and Hydrogen fuel underneath!
  • Increased burn time of boosters for extra lift capacity
  • Added protective wing strakes to try prevent Big-S strakes from exploding on re-entry. I suspect this is a 1.0 bug and can be removed in the future. Shuttle flies fine even if all the wing strakes are gone anyway =p
  • Adjusted drogue chute automatic deployment settings
  • Adjusted brake torque so only main landing gear provides braking
  • Added fuel dump ports as I had on my previous shuttles
  • Added ONE SAS module to the orbiter to help with roll authority once in orbit.
  • Verified to work in v1.0.2, with both 1.02 physics or 1.0 physics

Flight tips

  • Best to use SAS to help with your launch and gravity turn
  • SAS to Radial during initial launch to help you clear the launchpad, then pitch up to your desired heading and switch to SAS Prograde
  • SAS Prograde will gradually pitch the shuttle in a good enough approximation to an optimal gravity turn.
  • MAX-Q is about 350m/s, make sure you throttle down or you could break the wings off!
  • Monoprop should have about 10-20% remaining to have correct CoG for re-entry and landing.

Support link at KSP Forums: http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/117696

Additional Shuttle concepts based on this Shuttle:

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  • Type: VAB
  • Class: ship
  • Part Count: 205
  • Pure Stock
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