Jumbo Shuttle-SRB
by Naito
uploaded 2015-02-03
mod ship
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  • Type: VAB
  • Style: ship
  • Part Count: 290
  • Mods: 3
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  • FerramAerospaceResearch
  • NASAmission (stock)
  • Squad (stock)
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A mod rocket called Jumbo Shuttle-SRB. Built with 290 of the finest parts, its root part is mk3Cockpit.Shuttle.

Built in the VAB in KSP version 0.90.0.

Designed to mimic the real Space Shuttle as closely as possible in design/capability/flight profile, this new version again works with both FAR (and Deadly Reentry!) and stock. All stock parts only, FAR is optional!

This version is identical to my Jumbo Shuttle V2, except it is built with SOLID ROCKET BOOSTERS. Due to the lack of control authority from the lack of gimbals on the SRBs, the roll maneuver is much more difficult to do (it’s MUCH slower), but other than that performance should be identical to the liquid booster version. In contrast with other solid booster designs, it does NOT tip over as the boosters burn out either!

New features:

  • LOX feedline that helps keep shuttle balanced until ET is completely drained

  • ET has vents that induce tumble after ET separation with a built-in delay

  • OMS/RCS fuel dump ports

  • KU-band antenna

  • Actually useful payload: IUS + basic satellite in cargo bay!

Most importantly, the wing has been drastically redesigned. Now 3D and not just flat, it’s not just for looks! With FAR, it now allows you to fly real hypersonic S-Turns through re-entry. Pitch up to 35 degrees, pull off heading up to 20 degrees, and bank up to 50 degrees to increase cross-range! Not suggested to fly S-Turns manually unless you’re Joe Engle or John Young, best to leave it to MechJeb =)

For the adventurous, simulate STS-51-F’s Abort to Orbit, where the centre engine shuts down!

Action Groups:

AG1 - SSME Shutdown

AG3 - Toggle OMS engines

AG4 - Toggle OMS/RCS fuel dump port

AG5 - Toggle Cargo Bay Doors and Ku-band antenna

AG6 - Deploy Satellite

FAR-only AG9 - Raise body flap

FAR-only AG10 - Lower body flap

Abort - Center SSM shutdown (STS-51-F simulation)

Flight manual - Launch

  • Enable SAS in stability mode
  • Ignite SSME, wait for twang to return craft to vertical, then stage to ignite Boosters and release hold-down clamps
  • Keep 0 degree straight up until you clear the tower (or reach approx 200m altitude, then roll towards your orbital inclination)
  • Pitch about 10 degrees heads-down towards your orbital inclination after roll completes.

For FAR (300km circular orbit)

  • Switch SAS to prograde mode, making sure the indicator is set for surface and not orbit
  • At about 8-10km, switch to orbit
  • Separate boosters when they burn out
  • You can engage OMS or a boost now, or not, it’s entirely optional
  • Watch your Apogee, roll to heads-up when you’re about 70% of the way to your target orbit altitude.
  • Shut down SSMEs when vehicle’s apogee reaches target and separate from ET.
  • Use OMS engines to circularize orbit when you reach apogee

For Stock (150km circular orbit) - Keep SAS in stability mode - As boosters burn out, keep craft pitched to about 20 degrees - watch your velocity as it will decrease, but it will start to increase again in about 20 seconds. - as your thrust-to-weight ratio increases, pitch gradually towards the horizon.

No matter if you’re in FAR or Stock, your perigee at SSME shut down should still be in the atmosphere (about 20km) to ensure your ET is disposed of properly.

Flight manual - Re-entry

  • Suggest perigee of about 30km. If you have the Trajectories mod, then make sure the X is where KSC would be after Kerbin has rotated.
  • For FAR, I suggest using MechJeb’s Smart ASS to set your desired pitch/heading/roll. Suggest initially set 30 degrees, 0 roll and heading whatever your orbit inclination was.
  • Watch your speed, and as soon as it starts decreasing start your S-Turns. Keep the pitch at 30, roll to 50 and up to 20 degrees off your heading. i.e. if your orbit inclination was 0, your heading should be either 70 or 110 degrees, and roll either -50 or 50 degrees.
  • Watch your trajectory on the map, and do a roll reversal to fly back to the correct course when you’ve gone off far enough. Kerbin’s small, so you probably only get one maybe roll-reversals in.
  • At between Mach 4 and Mach 3, you’ll need to start reducing your pitch gradually.
  • You should aim to drop below Mach 2 before you hit the denser lower atmosphere.
  • You can dump all remaining OMS propellant now to reduce your landing weight.
  • Watch your trims, if at any time they get too close one way or another use the body flap or the rudder speedbrake to help.
  • Once you’re down to about Mach 1.2, you can pitch to about -10 degrees. You’ll want to graudally pitch down to about -20 degrees to keep your airspeed above 180m/s.
  • Don’t let your vertical velocity get too high or you’ll not be able to pull out in time
  • Good luck?


v1. - Initial Release

v1.1 - Reduced launch clamps to increase rendering performance (my computer keeps slowing down as the clamps release lol), and made a slight adjustment to the wing to help increase lift at landing speeds.

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