XF-64 Lynx
by Nadeenee
uploaded 2015-12-30
stock ship
#aircraft #jet #fighter #airplane #bd

NOTE: The XF-64 was designed to test tail-heavy flight. The center of lift is actually in front of the center of mass, and it is not advisable to fly without SAS enabled, you can go into an oscillation. With SAS enabled however, you can even cruise at 4x time acceleration without the aircraft flipping out. Having the COL in front of the COM greatly increases maneuverability, but decreases stability. You may want to disable thrust vectoring during cruising, which you can do by pressing 0.

The aircraft is super-maneuverable and extremely heavy, in fact it’s the heaviest fighter I’ve built so far, weighing in at almost 23 tons. You can reduce the weight to something more reasonable by emptying a couple of the fuel tanks, you can also empty some of the tanks near the tail to make the craft more nose-heavy, and give it more benign flight characteristics. With fuel fully loaded, it’s almost necessary to fly with afterburners on if you’re doing any kind of aggressive maneuvering.

Action groups are under the action groups tab, and action group 3 is specifically for toggling high alpha capability, it makes doing things like cobra maneuvers much easier (toggle it just as you pitch up, and toggle it off just as you leave the maneuver).

The design was inspired by the J-20, YF-23, and F-22.


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: ship
  • Part Count: 99
  • Pure Stock
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