XF-63B Falcon
by Nadeenee
uploaded 2015-12-30
stock aircraft
#aircraft #jet #fighter #airplane #bd

The XF-63B is an extremely light VTOL capable fighter. It’s designed for short to medium range sorties, and includes drop tanks for additional range and longer flights.

To enable VTOL, simply press 2 to enable flaps, then press 5 to open the bay doors, then press 6 to enable the six lift engines inside, it should leap right into the air. Press 7 to enable the main engine for forward flight, and MAKE SURE you turn off the lift engines before you close the bay doors, or explodey things will happen. NOTE: Unlike my other VTOL craft, this one uses Juno engines for VTOL. Juno’s have poor acceleration and take a while to spool up and down, so be light with the throttle when hovering, else you may start descending too fast and be unable to recover.

Side note: When flying in VTOL mode, it’s best to have a little forward airspeed to help with stability and control. Also, flying backwards is a very very bad idea.

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Design was inspired by the Harrier, F-86, and F-16.


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: aircraft
  • Part Count: 59
  • Pure Stock
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