XF-54 Broadsword
by Nadeenee
uploaded 2015-12-21
mod aircraft
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The XF-54 utilizes two lift fans for VTOL.

The XF-54 is a heavy multi-role fighter/bomber, which is also capable of VTOL. The plane carries a considerable amount of fuel and is capable of reaching almost anywhere on the planet, and thanks to its VTOL capabilities, it can land almost anywhere as well (even at high altitude on mountaintops or in water). Very easy plane to fly, flies perfectly straight with 4x time acceleration on and SAS enabled. Despite this easy handling, it can throw down with some of the best air superiority fighters if it comes down to a dogfight.

The plane is equipped with a heavy GAU-8 cannon in the nose, and has flare and chaff dispensers mounted at the rear of the plane. Missiles, bombs, drop tanks, and electronic warfare pods are not included.

General flying advice below:

For VTOL, simply press 5 to open the bomb bay doors, then press 6 to turn the lift fans on, it should leap right into the air. Give the plane a little nose forward during VTOL, it flies best when a little air is moving over the control surfaces. To enable horizontal flight, press 7 to enable the rear engines. Press 9 to light the afterburners.

For better slow flight characteristics or landing, press 3 (airbrakes) and/or 4 (flaps + rudder brakes).

For cruising, don’t touch the afterburners, they guzzle too much fuel. Cruising at max throttle around 5000-7000 meters is ideal.


  • Adjustable Landing Gear
  • BahamutoD’s Armory
  • Squad (stock)

Travel almost anywhere with fuel to spare.


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: aircraft
  • Part Count: 68
  • Mods: 3

Go anywhere! Land anywhere!

Show em' who’s boss, Val!

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