U-54 Nomad
by Nadeenee
uploaded 2015-12-21
stock aircraft
#VTOL #STOVL #fighter #utility #transport

Bill is ready to fly!

Stock civilian variant of the XF-54 Broadsword. Designed for utility purposes, the U-54 features twin lift fans which allow it to perform VTOL’s, it is also equipped with an enormous amount of fuel and can reach even the most remote places on the planet, oftentimes visited less often than the Mun (and what a shame! there are some very pretty places on Kerbin).

I use the U-54 for a variety of purposes, including but not limited to; carrying cargo to the south pole station, picking up wayward kerbonauts who land far from the space center (even in water!)(disclaimer, passenger pods not included, warranty voided if pods are improperly mounted to wing), and exploring uncharted lands and planting flags on mountaintops.

General flying advice below:

For VTOL, simply press 5 to open the bay doors, then press 6 to turn the lift fans on, it should leap right into the air. Give the plane a little nose forward during VTOL, it flies best when a little air is moving over the control surfaces. To enable horizontal flight, press 7 to enable the rear engines. Press 9 to light the afterburners. For better slow flight characteristics or landing, press 3 (airbrakes) and/or 4 (flaps + rudder brakes). For cruising, don’t touch the afterburners, they guzzle too much fuel. Cruising at max throttle around 5000-7000 meters is ideal.


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: aircraft
  • Part Count: 65
  • Pure Stock

The U-54 showing its novel twin lift fan system.

A U-54 dropping off some passengers…

Strange plane in a strange land

Not quite the epic journey, but worth visiting.

Showing off possible passenger pods for transportation solutions.

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