Bomber B-3
by Mycroft_33
uploaded 2016-08-06
(updated 2016-08-06)
stock ship
#stock #B3 #CMAU


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: ship
  • Part Count: 217
  • Pure Stock


A stock aircraft called Bomber B-3. Built with 217 of the finest parts, its root part is mk2Cockpit.Standard.

Built in the SPH in KSP version 1.1.3.

This is CMAU’s latest version of their less well known bomber, the B3, precursor to the B-3A, featuring a newly remastered stock weapons system! This highly maneuverable bomber carries a total of 6 large, jet-propelled, guided missiles, and three medium bombs. This bomber is designed to strike ground targets with heavy firepower. Propelled by three high-tech ‘Whiplash’ Turbo RamJets, the B3 has a fully loaded top speed of 284 m/sec or 0.8 Mach at sea level, and 0.9 Mach at 6,000 meters. Unloaded, its top speed is 0.96 Mach at sea level, and if you take it to 5,000 meters or so and put it in a 10 degree climb, it will just start accelerating and accelerating until it tops off at 19,000 meters and 3.25 Mach (965 m/sec)! Each high speed missile is driven by C7 Aerospace’s powerful Panther afterburning engine, contains a probe core (so you can try to control it), and flies quite straight without any input! Every missile is guaranteed to break Mach 1 within seconds, and if you pilot them, they can exceed Mach 3! Truly, an amazing craft! Order your own armada of these impressive bombers today! (Note: Not tested with Atmosphere mods. This testing is still in progress.)

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