Small Shuttle
by Mudkest
uploaded 2016-04-06
stock ship
#Shuttle #stock

A more advanced Shuttle, suitable for rescuing kerbals from kerbin orbit. About 800 delta-V left after launch to ~75km orbit. Contains a probecore, RCS(but limited amount of fuel) and seats 3 mass on launchpad:39t cost: 29.524

to launch, max throttle, activate SAS. at about 4-5km throttle back to about 2/3 and gently pitch up(craft is up-side down). or toggle sas off briefly.

For landing, go back to a 70-75km orbit, mk1 cockpit is not that heat resistant. toggle elevon(1) and tailfin(2) and pitch up to around 45 degrees and let SAS hold you steady. Try to land on land, warranty void on contact with water.

For landing at the Space Center, burn retrograde above the start of the desert till your trajectory shows you land just north of the island airfield. Should get you close to the runway Album with pictures, till I can figure out how to link an album in place of picture


  • Type: VAB
  • Class: ship
  • Part Count: 72
  • Pure Stock

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