Lowtech Shuttle
by Mudkest
uploaded 2016-02-04
stock ship


  • Type: VAB
  • Class: ship
  • Part Count: 30
  • Pure Stock

A lowtech shuttle, 30 parts so usable without VAB upgrade, but does require a launchpad upgrade to handle the 33ton weight. Cost is just under 16.000 Needs parts from Advanced rocketry, General construction and Aviation and Survivabilty techs(and the nodes to unlock them). Room for 3 kerbals, 1 pilot(wouldnt reccomend flying without SAS) Rather tricky to fly though

All stock parts, but I would reccomend tac fuel balancer or GPO fuel pump mod or something similar to pump fuel into the terrier’s tank, you need that engine to keep the craft under control during launch. Or add a fuel line if you have that tech and an upgraded VAB. The craft is allready setup for GPO fuel pump if you have that mod installed, but will load fine if you dont have it.

Launch: turn on SAS, throttle to max and launch. Only pitch up/down till all booster stages are jettisoned. If you yaw or roll the craft will move in other directions as well. Dont move to far from prograde or the craft will flip. throttle down a little while the solid boosters are firing so you are around 60-75% throttle when the boosters run out. Craft has enough fuel to get into low orbit but not much more.

For re-entry, get as close to 70x70 orbit as you can, then drop periapis to 35. Nose up during re-entry, 45-80 degrees once you get in thicker atmospehere it wont pitch up much past 40 degrees. deploy the tail fins and elevons by rightclicking to help keep the craft pitched up. No actiongroup setup as craft is designed for basic VAB.

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