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by MrFreezuz
uploaded 2018-01-24
stock ship
#VTOL #Ares


So you hate Nukes and like to use brute force to get somewhere? Than the Ares is the right ship for you.

Ares is a VTOL chraft with about 5800 d/v. It is able to land and takeoff from Duna.
The Lifter is reusable but needs support of the engines for landing.

A small Duna landing guide:

  1. Bring your Pe down to about 10.000 meters.
  2. Use your main engines to reduce horizontal velocity. 2.1 Use VTOL engines zu reduce vertical velocity. (this is important when your tanks are full,
    the main engines have not enough TWR)
  3. Deploy the Parachutes.
  4. Use the VTOL engines to land.
  5. Let the F9 button cool down.


Due to weight restrictions at launch, center of mass does not align with center of thrust of VTOL engines.You need to refuel at Minmus and land with your main engines.

Action Groups:

1 toggle main engine
2 toggle VTOL engine
3 VTOL control mode
4 normal control mode
5 /
6 toggle Airlock and ladder
7 toggle Scanner
8 toggle Rdiator and Solarpannel
9 toggle Survace harvest
0 toggle Drill

Fortot to update pictures. Frontal Fins are replaced with thrusters.


  • Type: VAB
  • Class: ship
  • Part Count: 697
  • Pure Stock
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