by Mobryan71
uploaded 2021-11-15
stock spaceplane
#MKI #Spaceplane #Lowpartcount #Lowtech


Arkangel is an ideal beginner spaceplane for the fledgling space program, though not perhaps for the fledgling pilot.
Under 30 parts total, it requires no upgrades to the Hanger or Runway, and the combination of Panther and twin-Terrier propulsion requires a fairly small science investment.

As built it will take 3 Kerbals to LKO, but the modular design and easy upgrades encourage experimentation. Replace the crew cabin with a structural fuselage and place 2 science experiments inside the tube while remaining under the 30 part limit. Use a service bay and Science Jr. Materials Bay to maximize your science by returning samples from orbit. (If using the Science Jr, return from space upside down to use the wing as a heatshield to protect that juicy, melty science.)

As upgrades become available, swap out intake designs, trade the Panther for a Whiplash, or try tweaking the aerodynamics with bigger elevons. Add RCS for easier piloting and orbital manouvers (Delux edition coming soon…) The aero-covers over the Terriers can be abandoned once a Whiplash is installed.

Flight Profile:
Make a 250m/s cruise-climb to 5-6000m, then hit the afterburner while keeping the trajectory and AoA fairly low, 5-8 degrees. Once acceleration slows at 10-12K, stage to light the Terriers and deploy the aero-covers, keep the nose down around 10 degrees or so. You won’t be climbing out of the atmosphere, but shooting out of it sideways in a fiery red streak, usually with the PE already fairly high (10km or so). Upgraded versions are easier to fly but this very basic spaceplane will reliably get to orbit with the right profile.

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