SSTO Trudyaga 112
by Mesklin
uploaded 2016-05-24
stock spaceplane
#SSTO #midtech #Career


Updated for version 1.1.2 mid tech SSTO launcher for career mode: 20t payload + 4 passengers to 100x100 km orbit.

Low parts for SSTO, only 78. Low cost - only 74000$ and low launch cost - ~4000$. Big space for payload, docking possibilities.

For launch you need SPH and runway at level 2. Need only 2 tech with 300SP: High Altitude Flight and Heavy Aerodynamics.

Abort - on/off turbojets¨Brakes - on/off air breaks (pair of tail fins)¨¨

Built in the SPH in KSP version 1.1.2.


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: spaceplane
  • Part Count: 80
  • Pure Stock

Flight guide:


  1. Take off on speed 120+ m/s, set pith to 12-15 and wait until 6 km of altitude

  2. Gently set pith to 0 with SAS to prograde/stabilize technique and wait until altitude 17-18 km and speed 1200+ m/s.

  3. Engage Skipper, do not shutdown turbojets immediately, off turbojets only after self shutdown at ~25km.

  4. When you reach 30km of altitude, set SAS to prograde mode and wait desired Ap+2-3km, keep SAS in prograde mode until you leave atmosphere.

  5. After circularizing in Ap you should have no less then 100 m/s of dV for deorbit burn and 200+ liters of kerosene for landing air maneuvers.


Move all fuel to the forward big tank. For prevent overheating maintain pith no less then 15 degrees and engage air brake by pressing Brake button. Minimal flying speed near surface ~40 m/s.

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