SSTO Panther LT 112
by Mesklin
uploaded 2016-05-27
stock spaceplane
#lowtech #career #tourist


Low tech tourist SSTO

Only 29 details and 15.7t start weight, you do not need to upgrade your SPH building. For craft you need to have only one 160SP techology (Supersonic flight) for Panther engine.

In ascent time you can use x2 physical warp. On 100x100 km orbit craft should have 400+ m/s of dV and ~40 liters of kerosene for landing maneuvers.

You do not to do any fuel transfering in time of flight, tanks for LV-909 engines are separated from tank for Panther engine (you can not have possibilites for fuel transfering yet).


  1. Gently takeoff at speed 80+ m/s and then set pith to 10-15
  2. Wait until 5 km of altitude and gently set pith to 0 follow by prograde speed vector (best bay to do it: set SAS to prograde mode, the back to stabilize mode)
  3. Wait until 12 km of altitude and speed 800+ m/s, then engage LV-909 engines
  4. Wait until 25 km of altitude and gently set pith to 10, at 32km of altitude switch SAS to prograde mode and until you reach desired Ap + 3-4km
  5. When you reach Ap make circularization burn

Built in the SPH in KSP version 1.1.2.


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: spaceplane
  • Part Count: 29
  • Pure Stock

  • Crew: 1…3
  • Start mass: 15.8t
  • Cost: 16 674$
  • Cost of flight: 926$
  • dV on orbit: 400+ m/s

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