Magellan II
by Mesklin
uploaded 2015-10-22
stock spaceplane
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  • Squad (stock)
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  • Type: SPH
  • Class: spaceplane
  • Part Count: 57
  • Pure Stock
    • Start weight: 40.2 t
    • Max dV with ore conversion: 4800 m/s (unough to reach Moho from Gilly)
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Unlimited range light 2-seats SSTO (no science on board)

Actions buttons:

  • 1 - RAPIERs on/off
  • 2 - LV-Ns on/off
  • 3 - Switch RAPIERs mode
  • 4 - Solar panels on/off
  • 5 - Start ore conversion
  • 6 - Stop ore conversion
  • 9 - on/off tail legs
  • 0 - open airbrake chutes and stop all engines

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Ascent from Kerbin:

  1. Gently take off on 80+ m/s, set pith to 5-7⁰ and wait until speed reach 300 m/s
  2. Set pith ~15⁰ and wait until altitude reach ~4 km
  3. Set SAS to prograde until pith reach 0⁰, then set SAS back to stability assist mode
  4. Relax, do not touch pitch control and wait until craft reach 20 km of altitude, then engage LV-Ns. Relax again. RAPIERs automatically will be switched to rocket mode at ~29 km
  5. When RAPIERs were consumed all oxidizer, stop it and switch SAS again to prograde mode. Climb on LV-Ns until you reach desired AP +1-2 km (recommended AP is 80-100 km). Maintain SAS in prograde until you escape from atmosphere
  6. Rise PE when you reach AP. At this point you should have 1700+ m/s (enough for reach Minmus or Dune surface)

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