X-58 Kronos Long Range Expeditionary Craft
by Mephisto
uploaded 2017-01-20
stock ship
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A stock aircraft called X-58 Kronos (Stock). Built with 393 of the finest parts, its root part is mk3Cockpit.Shuttle.

Built in the SPH in KSP version 1.2.2.


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: ship
  • Part Count: 393
  • Pure Stock

X-58 Kronos

Power and perfection - Fly the Kronos, leader of the Titans!
The X-58 Kronos is built on the same design principles as its predecessors Titan and Hyperion: a Long Range Expeditionary SSTO with full science and mining capabilities.
It features more than 6500 m/s dV fully loaded, carries its own Tylo-rated Artemis shuttle, a Grabber and the Assistant, a ressource scanning / relay satellite.

List of Features:
- Lander: improved Artemis lander with Tylo-rating (with spare tanks).
- Two sets of Artemis spare tanks: With the spare fuel tanks, the Artemis has the range and power to land on Tylo-similar bodies.
- The Assistant relay / scan-satellite: the Assistant is equipped with powerful antennas and resource scanning sensors.
- Grabber: a grabbing probe for capturing Asteroids, satellites, Kerbals or other stuff. Can be attached to front, dorsal and ventral docking ports.
- ISRU: In Situ Ressource Utilization with a Convert-O-Tron 250 and two big mining drills.
- Power supply: 4x Z-4K batteries for electricity storage. 3x Gigantor XL Solar Arrays for powering the craft in the inner solar system, where the sun is bright and shiny. 4x Fuel cell arrays for the outer solar system. 2x RTGs as independent power supply. More wishes? (And no, this is not overpowered. When you try to run the MPL beyond Jool, you will need the fuel cell arrays.)
- CTOL / STOL - Conventional Take Off and Landing / Short Take Off and Landing: In atmosphere, start and land just like a regular plane. Without atmosphere, support the RCS system with the frontal Thud-Array. Bring the nose up and start with little or no runway when you are firing up the main engines.
- Room for 10 Kerbals
- Science!:The Kronos carries a Mobile Processing Lab for science storing and research purposes. The Artemis Lander complements this with a full suite of experiments.
- Relay and remote control: the multi-hop capable RC-L01 Remote Guidance Unit allows a Kerbal Pilot onboard the Kronos to control probes in the vicinity through the onboard relay antennas. The Assistant can extend the range of remote control further.
- Long range: in space, the Kronos has a reach of over 6500 m/s dV with fully loaded support craft, an improvement over the 6000+ m/s dV of the X-48 Titan series.

Take Off:
Full throttle on Rapiers, use the full length of the runway, then pull gently up.
Accelerate to 400m/s until 5 km. If you have trouble, use the Nervs for assistance until you reach 400 m/s. At this speedd, the Rapiers develop enough power to accelerate on their own. Continue to gain speed while you slowly gain height.
Climb to 17km and start your speedrun. Turn Nervs on. When you reach 22km, your speed should be 1550 m/s, barely before blowing up. As soon as you are losing speed during your climb, toggle Rapiers to closed cycle mode and pitch up to 45°. The rest of the climb to 75km and the circularization burn must be done with the Nervs. Extend your radiator panels, when you are above 60km.

To return to the KSC, make sure to fly as light as possible. Remove the Artemis Shuttle (it can descent on its own) as well as the Grabber and the Assistant.
You’ll need the frontal fuel tanks filled and locked up for trim, as you can see in the picture on the right.
Carry the fuel you’ll need for reentry and atmospheric flying in the big port and starboard tanks. 2000 units of LF should suffice.
If you can bring this beast up into orbit, reentry should not be as difficult.

Have fun and go boldly where no Kerbal has gone before. Brought to you by Mephisto Metalworks and Aviation.

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