X-51a Thetis (Eve Lander)
by Mephisto
uploaded 2017-01-13
stock lander
#Lander #Eve


A stock rocket called Eve Lander VI. Built with 86 of the finest parts, its root part is mk1pod.

Built in the VAB in KSP version 1.2.2.


  • Type: VAB
  • Class: lander
  • Part Count: 86
  • Pure Stock

X-51a Thetis

Purple dreams come true
Visit the surface of Eve and come back with science!
The X-51Thetis Lander is able to bring a Kerbal back to orbit from the sea level of Eve.

How to land:
- Detach docking ports from heat shield with the seperator. Refill your batteries with the solar panels. retract solar panels before reaching the atmosphere of Eve.
- Fire the spark engines retrograde until your periapsis is at 40km
- Detach the Spark section
- Align craft retrograde and inflate heat shield
- The craft will deccelerate and falling towrds eve due to atmosperic drag
- Open parachutesat about 3km about ground.
- Jettison heat shield when the parachutes have fully opened.
- turn on lights and deploy landing struts
- land.
- the higher your landing place on Eve, the easier your ascent

How to come back to orbit

Thetis is deliberately not built on the slimest margins, so you will have some room for error.
- Jettison parachutes
- put throttle to full power, activate SAS
- right click and fix the window of one fuel tank from every stage. The fixed windows will tell you when to decouple a stage.
- Jettison landing struts and ignite Vector Main Engine
- 2km abovel sea level: reduce thrust to 70%, app. 200m/s.
- 5km above sea level: reduce thrust further down to approximately 20%. Velocity should rise till 400-500 m/s
- 22km above sea level: increase throttle slowly. Do not overheat and explode the craft. The last tank for the Vector should bring you to a speed of 1200-1300 m/s at app. 30km or higher.
- The last Terrier stage should bring you starting from from app. 1200- 1300 m/s to a stable orbit of 90km x 90km.

Atmosperic drag can eat rapidly through your fuel reserves. You will need to find a balance during ascent between velocity and drag. When you start your gravity turn too soon or turn too fast, you will face more of Eve’s dense atmosphere. If you start too late, you will lack delta V to make the circularization. Try to start a slow gravity turn at 5km.
When you are having problems with the ascent, pay a visit to KSP Forums and look at different ascent profiles there:

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