X-51 Hyperion III - with Eve Lander-
by Mephisto
uploaded 2017-01-13
stock ship
#SSTO #Eve #Lander #Grabber #ISRU


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: ship
  • Part Count: 357
  • Pure Stock


A stock aircraft called X-51 Hyperion III. Built with 357 of the finest parts, its root part is mk3Cockpit.Shuttle.

Built in the SPH in KSP version 1.2.2.

Do you dream in purple? Grab the Hyperion and the Thetis Lander and pay a visit to Eve’s surface!

Built as a successor to the X-48 Titan series and answering the call for more transport capacity, the X-51 Hyperion is a true beast. The Mobile Science Lab and the ISRU-complement leave no wishes open. Go boldly, where no Kerbal has gone before! (And do science stuff.)

The redesign of the cargo bays allows for full configuration. The vessel is rated with 36t to low kerbin orbit and enough fuel left to reach and land on Minmus.
(Disclaimer: The layout of ISRU and MPL is shamelessly copied from Shadowzone’s Ozymandias).

Free Refill
The Hyperion series comes with a mining complement on board of each vessel. Make sure to bring an engineer in your crew for enhanced ore drill rates. The Convert-O-Tron 250 converts the ore efficiently into every kind of fuel needed on board. Use ressource scanning satellites to find the best spot to land and mine!

SSTO Capability
The Hyperion is designed to reach Kerbin orbit without additional help in a Single-Stage-to-Orbit configuration.
The streamlined design with low drag even at high speeds aid the powerfull engine cluster of Rapiers and Nerv Atomic Engines to get to orbit.

Conventional Take Off and Landing / Vertical Takeoff and Landing
The Hyperion can take off and land just like a regular plane. However, it has additional rocket motors in the servicebay on the front.
Open the Servicebay (4), activate the Thud Rocket Engines (5) to bring the plane in an upright position. Deactivate the Rocket engine before the ship topples over. Activate the main engine cluster. Depending on the local gravity, the Nervs (3) may suffice, otherwise assist with rapiers (1) in closed cycle mode (2).

To Eve and back with the Thetis!
The Hyperion III variant is outfittet with the X-51a Thetis Lander. Thetis can land on Eve and take of from a sea level surface. A science complement is carried as well on board the lander.
See the seperate upload for details on how to land and fly the lander safely back to orbit!

The Goldfish
You need a construction tool for space stations? You need a Grabber for rescuing Kerbals or attaching to other spacecraft? You need a tiny lander for low grav environments? And above all, you need a small relay satellite?
Go and buy yourself a KinderĂ¼berraschung! Or take the Goldfish.

More Science!
The Mobile Processing Lab features in flight leveling up of your crew as well as data processing. The powerful array of radio antennas ensures a strong signal link to Kerbin.

Mephisto Metalworks and Aeronautics
The Future is now.

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