X-49 Orca
by Mephisto
uploaded 2016-12-21
stock ship


A stock aircraft called X-49 Orca. Built with 189 of the finest parts, its root part is probeStackLarge.

Built in the SPH in KSP version 1.2.2.

X-49 Orca SSTO

New on the market is the X-49 Orca. A science corvette with interplanetry capabilities fresh from the drawing boards of Mephisto Metalworks and Aeronautics.

Reaches Low Kerbin Orbit with plenty of delta V left*, Lander included.

*Mileage may vary depending on ascent profile and payload configuration. Usually around 3000 m/s dV with empty lander.

SSTO Capability
The Orca is designed to reach orbit without additional help in a Single-Stage-to-Orbit configuration.
The streamlined design with low drag, even at high speeds, aid the powerfull engine cluster of 8 Rapiers and 4 Nerv Atomic Engines to get to orbit.

Conventional Take Off and Landing / Vertical Takeoff and Landing
The Orca can take off and land just like a regular plane. However, it has an additional Rocket motor in the servicebay on the front.
Open the Servicebay (4), activate the Thud Rocket Engine (5) to bring the plane in an upright position. Deactivate the Rocket engine before the ship topples over. Activate the Main Engine cluster. Depending on the local gravity, the four Nervs (3) may suffice, otherwise assist with rapiers (1) in closed cycle mode (2).

Spacious capacity for Kerbals
3 Crew plus 8 Passengerseats offer enough capacity for your day-to-day business in space.

Full ISRU capability
The Orca comes equipped with a large Convert-O-Tron ressource converter as well as a single large Drill-O-Matic mining drill. You can harvest ore and convert it to a desired fuel type. even in areas with lower concentration of ore.
Two onboard fuel cell arrays and two Gigantor solar arrays fill the large batteries with electricity for your needs. As backup, a single RTG provides independent electricity at low output.

The small landing craft comes equipped with 3200 m/s dV and a complementary science suit sans material bay.

Reach for the stars with Mephisto Metalworks and Aeronautics!


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: ship
  • Part Count: 189
  • Pure Stock

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