X-27a Capybara VTOL
by Mephisto
uploaded 2016-09-13
stock spaceplane
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  • Type: SPH
  • Class: spaceplane
  • Part Count: 127
  • Pure Stock

X-27a Capybara VTOL

Mephisto Metalworks and Aeronautics has a vision for Kerbalkind walking amongst the stars.

Part of the X-27 Long Range Exploration Programm, the X-27a Capybara serves as a crew transport vehicle and light explorer. This SSTO reaches Minmus, where it can make use of predeployed automated refuel vehicles to further extend its reach.

- SSTO to LKO and Minmus with the trusted RAPIER/NERV combination
- Liftoff with NERV only on Mun or Duna
- Assist your liftoff with VTOL Twitch Array in difficult terrain.
- Supports up to 5 crew members (1 Pilot / 4 Passengers). Sufficient supply of snacks included.
- Full Science Suite on board with only moderate amount of clipping. Honestly.
- Solar panels and fuel cell for electric redundancy on board. You don’t want to run without power amongs the stars.
- Full docking capability (shielded docking port / RCS thrusters)
- Parachutes for parachute assisted landing on Duna to minimize fuel expenditure whilst descent.

The successor to the intraplantary workhorse, X-27a Capybara, comes now with added VTOL capability for environments without atmosphere.

CTOL - Conventional Takeoff and Landing
On Kerbin or Laythe, the Capybara uses its CTOL mode, i.e. regular takeoff and landing as a plane (action group 1: Toggle RAPIER, action group 2: switch RAPIER mode, action group 3: toggle NERV).

VTOL - Vertical Takeoff and Landing
On Moons and smaller planets (Duna), takeoff can be assisted with an array of Twitch rocket engines (action group 4).

Reserve Fuel Tanks
As a further fuel reserve, liquid fuel tanks in Big-S Wingstrakes and in the Cargo Bay are not connected to the NERV fuel system and need to be pumped manually (ALT+right click on tanks).

Full docking capabilities
Use the shielded docking port and the RCS Thrusters for a successful docking maneuver.

Ascent profile on Kerbin:
Rise to 12km, then accelerate above 400 m/s. If neccessary, use NERV assist to get over 400 m/s. climb and accelerate to 1350 m/s at 20km. Turn on NERV and climb to 26km whilst accelerating. Switch RAPIER to Rocket mode and pitch up at about 45 degrees. If Rocket mode runs dry, continue accelerating and rising the Apoapsis to about 80km. Switch engines off. Turn prograde to minimize drag. Set circularization node at highest point and burn NERV till stable orbit is achieved. Pump fuel from fuel Big-S Wingstrake tanks to the center. You should have around 1800-1950 m/s dV left. Refuel in Orbit if you have an depot there or fly to a prepositioned miner on Minmus.

Fly safe, fly successful, fly with the devil.
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