JNSQ-02 Stiletto SSTA for "Je ne sais quoi" Planet pack
by Mephisto
uploaded 2019-08-24
stock+DLC spaceplane


AG1: Toggle Rapier
AG2: Switch Rapier Mode
AG3: Toggle Aerospike
AG4: Toggle Wolfhound
AG5: Toggle Nerv

A stock aircraft called JNSQ-02 Stiletto. Built with 101 of the finest parts, its root part is Rockomax64.BW.

Built in the SPH in KSP version 1.7.3.


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: spaceplane
  • Part Count: 101
  • Pure Stock

SSTA for the Je ne sais quoi- planet pack.

Basically a 2.5x scale Kerbin with great new planets and remodeled old planets.

As Kerbin atmosphere goes up to 85km and low orbit velocity is around 3.800 m/s, building an SSTO is a new challenge.

Building a proper SSTA is the next logical step, but still a challenge.

Anyways. This is the current WIP SSTA. Can reach low Kerbin Orbit with in JNSQ with 2.500 m/s dV left.

Needs a little boost from the Aerospikes on the last part of the runway to fly properly.

Do the usual speedrun above sea level, until you get to 450-500 m/s.
Climb gently and add velocity. Upon reaching 17km above sea level, craft should have 1500 m/s.

Add Aerospikes, Wolfhound and Nervs and start to climb and get more speed.

You can deactivate Aerospike and Wolfhounds, when you have sufficient speed and height. If you still gain time to your apoapsis after shutting down an engine type, it was okay.

You can reach low Kerbin orbit with roughly 2.500 m/s left.
In theory, you can make it to Minmus for a proper refueling and landing with the single Nerv.

As my framerate drops quite drastically to 3fps over Minmus, a proper landing has yet to be seen.

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