Volvo FH14 Globetrotter
by McFlyever
uploaded 2017-11-26
stock rover
#European #Truck

Volvo FH14 Globetrotter

Hey Guys, i´m really proud to show you the european answer of my American Truck!
He has the same function to couple a trailer, but the mechanism is a bit smaller, than the murica version ;)

  • Connection to the trailer is save in all directions, you will never lost a trailer
  • Very easy to couple: drive backward under the trailer and close the safety catch (with G)
  • well, the trailers back end looks a bit unsightly, but for this the ramp is save connected in both positions and you can take trough switch vessel and also time warp! (Without docking, the ramp was always falling down in the version before)

More trailers, are comming soon! If you have ideas or wishes for trailers, please tell me.
(I already know, you want engines inside the Truck for more power xD)

Mutch thanks to Mr. Maxwell for the clip and helping me to perfectionise the coupling!
Also thanks to KCST for testing the Truck and new ideas!


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: rover
  • Part Count: 247
  • Pure Stock

Here you see the long way, to create a realistic design. Started for ~5 months ago.

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