Falcon Heavy - Duna Return
by McFlyever
uploaded 2017-03-09
(updated 2017-08-14)
stock lander
#Falcon #Heavy #Duna #Lander

Falcon Heavy - Duna/Ike Landing and Return

  • please fly efficient to Duna and take through an aerobrake roughly at 25 Km. Your destination orbit height should be at 60-70 Km
  • deorbit not to rapid, land with parachutes and use the deorbit engines too
  • after landing accomplish you experiments, decouple the mystery goo container and landing tanks before start back into orbit to return modul
  • when you are a good pilot, now you can travel and land to Ike, when not, decouple the landing stage from the lander and travel back to home

After the testflight, my deltaV at Kerbin was about 600m/s, also with landing on Ike and without mun swing by maneuver or something…

The other Rockets you can download here (german KSP-Form):

I wish you an successfully flight!

(sry for maybe bad english and german blueprint, i hope you understand yet)

Action Groups
  • 1 Engine Lander
  • 2 Engine Return Modul
  • 3 Ladder
  • 4 Panels
  • 5 Radiators
  • 6 Antennas
  • 7 Collect Sience
  • 8 Perform Experiments
  • 9 Drogue Chute
  • 0 Main Chute
  • Type: VAB
  • Class: lander
  • Part Count: 218
  • Pure Stock
Changelog [1.3]
  • redesigned Falcon 1 SAT (two stages Satellite, +100m/s DeltaV, a lot more Antenna Range)
  • change Falcon 5 SAT orbiting Engine (before with L-VN, now with Aerospike)
  • redesigned Falcon Heavy Lander (extra Fuel without Fuel Lines, little more Delta V)
  • redesigned Falcon Heavy R-Modul (little bit longer, removed Fuel Lines, same power as before)

Note, this is a non-reuseable version of Falcon Heavy! The Fuel for this is needed for the big Duna Trip and also it enables to use the 2,5m parts.

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