Interplanitary Craft
by Maxo11x
uploaded 2015-04-25
stock lander
#lander #staged #Interplanetary
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  • Type: VAB
  • Class: ship
  • Part Count: 730
  • Stock:
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This rocket includes (from top down):

1 lander

1 middle segment for high speed space travel

1 lift off booster

Scientific equipment:

4x mystery goo

4x science juniour



I created this craft as a larger version of my second lander which made landing on minmus a few weeks (kerbal weeks) before. unfortunately not everything went according to plan so it inspired me to build a bigger craft with a wide landing area (distance between the landing struts) for use on steeper slopes. Again, during first tests… it exploded during re-entry as it didnt have enough paracutes on, hence the large number of paracutes now. This is the final result of the tests and the first craft to reach, orbit and land on Duna, and I fully believe with a bigger booster and more rockets, it could go further.

EDIT NOTE (for 1.0 fans): As much as I’d love it to work for KSP 1.0, it does make for a spectacular firework show for doomed pilots. Use at own risk in this update, but if successful, please let me know and I will attempt also!

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