MSS' Exploration SSTO 'Trashca'
by Mavnor
uploaded 2017-12-20
stock spaceplane
#MSS #unmanned #SSTO #Longrange #mk3

Well, I kinda don’t know where to start. I bet this is my high end, cutting edge achievement when it comes to designing sstos and rover bays at once. After many hours and countless projects (ok, they are countable, because I saved most of them, never to release, it starts with ‘Believer’ SSTO, there were like 10 different versions, 4 different cranes designed as a transfer stage and lander in more conventional rocket, one hybrid, where I decided to go ‘full cupcake’ and this is the fifth and most probably the final version, so only 20 designs lead me to this beauty) I finally managed to deliver SSTO capable of reaching every SOI and of landing on almost every planet, while carrying rover designed around 1,25m parts. Gonna test it soon and then post some videos. So yeah, leaving emotions behind:

A stock aircraft called MSS’ Exploration SSTO ‘Trashca’. Built with 133 of the finest parts, its root part is HECS2.ProbeCore.

Built in the SPH in KSP version 1.3.1.


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: spaceplane
  • Part Count: 133
  • Pure Stock

The SSTO’s main hull consists of 3 cargo bays, going from the bow to stern:
1: spare space, you may put there anything you want, as long as it fits and weights less than 10-15t (need to check it’s capability, stay tuned - 9t and over 3k d/v confirmed, enough to refuel at Minmus)
2: its a beating heart of the ship, with refinery, drill, cooling devices, probe core, fuel cell and resource scanner.
3: rear cargo zone, I crammed a rover there. Sadly its wheels clip into cargo ramp, but there’s no other way to get able to dock it back. There’s also additional material’s bay and goo cointainer here, allowing you to gather science from up to 3 biomes without a scienctist. To dock rover back, rove it onto ramp, turn on brakes, switch to spaceplane and then close the ramp. Next, switch to rover, and release brakes. It should fall gently and dock.

Piloting is quite easy. Toggle SAS, put thrust to the maximum and press 1. After leaving runway pitch up gently, you’d like to build ~450-500 m/s before going higher, the spaceplane should be able to get this before reaching the island with an old runway. I usually try to get over 1000 m/s before leaving the densest part of the atmosphere, and not less than 1400/1500 before reaching an altitude of 18km. At that altitude, you’re supposed to turn on NERVEs. Switching RAPIERs mode at around 23-24 km above the sea level. I usually manage to have 500 units of spare oxidizer at this moment.
After circularisation it’s supposed to have about 4k d/v, enough to land and refuel.

Some other designes that lead to this one:

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