Aerial Transportation Vehicle
by Mars-Bound_Hokie
uploaded 2019-12-16
(updated 2023-05-15)
stock aircraft
#plane #airliner #atv #aerialtransportationvehicle #jet


Designed to take the executives of Mission Control anywhere on Kerbin at high speeds. Though most argue that the Poseidon will do the job faster, a lot of the intended passengers are unqualified for space travel.

Can carry between 0 to 20 people at a time

Built in the SPH in KSP version 1.12.4.


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: aircraft
  • Part Count: 114
  • Pure Stock
  • KSP: 1.12.4



Altitude: 15.3 km (~50k feet)
Velocity: 815 m/s (~1823 mph)

  • At that speed, the plane will start glowing.
  • Although the plane can go faster easily, I’m not sure the occupants will find their plane on fire assuring. So, I went slightly above Mach 2 for the cruise test. Besides, I also wanted to test the plane’s range.

Throttle: ~½ at first

  • Throttle percentage will drop to maintain speed as fuel is consumed.
  • Best to use the Aircraft Autopilot (altitude first, then velocity) to maintain a steady airspeed.


Approximately 3,300 km before pilot should land as soon as possible.

  • I was 475 km away from the KSC flying WESTWARD TOWARDS IT (as in I had completed most of the planet’s circumference) when I had 500 units of fuel left (out of 10,700). Though I fell short of the space center, it was still an impressive range for a supersonic airliner.


After I was done with the cruise test, I autostrutted everything (to attach to Grandparent Parts) and removed the strut connectors. Also, I added:

  • A Kerbnet button so you can see if you’re over water/land in the dark.
  • A button for the ramp, which I had never programmed when I first made this years ago.
  • Nav and beacon lights, which were not available in 2019.

Plane at cruising speed and altitude.

  • Like I said earlier, though I could go faster, I’d rather not scare my passengers by setting the plane on fire the entire flight.

Rare footage of Prime Minister Bush Kerman Junior wearing his old flight uniform. Here, he is standing next to his wife, First Lady Lauren Kerman, in front of Plane Prime.

  • This model is the current main Plane Prime used by Kerbin’s Prime Minister. Although Prime Minister Ryan Kerman (four prime ministers after Bush Kerman Junior) wanted a P-5 Olympian to serve as the next Plane Prime, several of his advisors objected since it could not be guaranteed that all the necessary occupants - including any future prime ministers - would be medically and psychologically qualified for even orbital flights let alone interplanetary voyages.
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