Maik McSeaplane
by MaikMakensi
uploaded 2018-03-06
mod aircraft
#plane #seaplane


After being faced with the sudden need of bringing home deorbited crew and experiments to the KSC, Maik Makensi’s industries presents the Maik McSeaplane, an chimera between a boat and a plane (a plane that can sail or a boat that can fly, the choice is up to you).
This is a 5 seat (1 pilot and 4 passengers) seaplane, designed with recover missions in mind.
The hight maneuverability combined with the hability to land (and take off) on water and 36k dV, makes this plane the perfect choice for all types of landings (because you can’t always decide where your kerbonauts will end up!).
Flight Profile
To take off in the runway or land simply accelerate to ~45 m/s and pitch up. You’ll see the rear gear rises as the craft takes horizontal position, by then the plane is ready to take off.
The Maik McSeaplane lands like any other plane: approach the landing site of your choice, extend gears and once you touch down then engage the breaks (simple enough!).
Now, to land on water (it sounds more difficult than it actually is): Approach the water at low altitudes and low speeds and mantain a slow descent with the nose slightly upwards (the more the better, but remember to maintain a descent trajectory and not stall).
When spashing down pitch up as much as you can to reduce the nose impact on the surface, then engage the brakes (the tail splits into two elevons that help reduce speed) until you are still.
Loosing speed when on water is much slower than on land, bear that in mind and land not too close to your target since you’ll be able to taxi your way to there anyway.
To take off from water, you’ll have to throttle the engine all the way up, extend the flaps (action group 2) and mainatin a straight couse while accelerating until you reach ~45 m/s, then pitch up and take off.
How fast you can get airborne depends of the mass of the seaplane, if you are fuel of fuel it’ll be slower, if you are light on fuel, faster. Either way you’ll eventually have enough velocity to liftoff.
The Maik Mcseaplane does not have probe control, so a pilot is required at all times.
Atmosphere Autopilot highly recommended but not required.
Extend the ladders to the crew cabins with action group 3.
You’ll need to install Mk-1 Cabin hatch mod for the craft to work at its full potential. You can move the pilot to one of the crew seats and have all the kerbals embark via the pilot’s cabin, though.
If you have any suggestions or questions (or just want to share something), please be my guest and post a comment below, feedback is appreciated. <3
Built in the SPH in KSP version 1.3.1.


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: aircraft
  • Part Count: 63
  • Mods: 3


  • Airplane Plus
  • Squad (stock)
  • TweakScale - Rescale Everything!

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