Avro RL-302 (AEW&C)
by MadMansGun
uploaded 2015-06-28
(updated 2017-04-27)
stock aircraft
#Avro #Arrow #CF-105 #Canada #AEW&C
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  • Type: SPH
  • Class: aircraft
  • Part Count: 230
  • Pure Stock
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Airborne Early Warning and Control (AEW&C) is an airborne radar system designed to detect aircraft, ships and vehicles at long ranges. Modern AEW&C systems can detect aircraft from up to 400 km away, well out of range of most surface-to-air missiles. AEW&C units are also used to carry out command & control functions and direct aircraft strikes. AEW&C systems communicate with friendly aircraft providing data on targets and threats, helping extend their radar range and make them more difficult to track, since they no longer need to keep their own radar active to track threats.

1 Toggle Engines ON or OFF
2 Switch Engine Mode
3 Run Tests
4 Discard Wing Drop Tanks
5 Open Weapons bay
6 Discard Internal Drop Tank

You can Use RCS in Docking Mode for Reverse Thrust when Landed.

A stock aircraft called Avro RL-302 (AEW&C). Built with 230 of the finest parts, its root part is Mark2Cockpit.

Built in the SPH in KSP version 1.2.2.

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