uploaded 2017-10-16
stock ship


long story short: I wanted a shuttle so I made a shuttle.
It’s as close as I could get it without absolutely obsessing with all the angles and every little tiny detail. I started building it with the plan of it being perfect but due to some weird bugs/features in KSP we’ll have to settle with this. I tried to get the dimensions right so the shuttle itself is about 37m long and about 23m wide. don’t quote me on this; the way KSP calculates length gets a little screwy when you have fairings on your craft.


I wouldn’t suggest launching it in this configuration though, the MLP is supposed to be placed on the launch pad just like the Saturn V was placed and the launch pad. so this configuration for the moment is basically just set up to look really cool and in the future it should actually be useful. Eventually when I develop a launch pad this thing is gonna go from really cool to really really cool. Although I did set the staging for it so if you’re brave enough, by all means, I ain’t gonna stop ya from hitting the space bar.

Prior to launching

BEFORE you load it in there are a couple of steps you should take to avoid giving your PC a heart attack. If you don’t follow these steps I can’t guarantee you won’t have 1851 explosions all at once.
So, before you hit the launch button turn on….
1.Unbreakable joints
2.No crash damage

After it loads you must keep No crash damage and unbreakable joints turned on if you want to use the leveling system on crawler. I haven’t tested to see what happens if you turn off unbreakable joints but I know for sure that you need No crash damage. alternatively if you don’t want to use the crawler, you can turn off both.

Important things to note

Like I briefly mentioned above, KSP has issues with this craft. In the editor the game freezes for 30~ 45 seconds every time you try you go to place a part, remove a part, change something in a part pop up menu or use any of the offset tools. So trying to heavily modify this craft or trying to do any fine detail work is just not a reasonable thing to do. I’m not really sure if their are any work around for this bug/feature but if you wanna play around with this thing in the editor you have to be really patient.

Future plans

I plan to eventually build everything from the space programs of the world, its only a matter of time. So If you have something you want built just ask and i’ll try and make it a priority. Otherwise I’m just gonna do whatever I want. :D If you have a fictional craft in mind i’ll give it my best shot.


A stock aircraft called STS on MLP. Built with 1851 of the finest parts, its root part is fuelTank3-2.

Built in the SPH in KSP version 1.3.1.


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: ship
  • Part Count: 1851
  • Pure Stock

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