Apollo Saturn V on Mobile Launch Platform(MLP) and Crawler-transport V-2
uploaded 2017-10-11
stock lifter


I wanna start by saying that this thing is really big. It’s a 135m tall 49m wide by 51m long all stock part craft. Which means you can run this in stock and have no issues loading it in but the kicker is that you’ll only be able to see the bottom 1/5th of the entire contraption in the SPH. so,I really recommend the hangar extender mod or you’re gonna find it really challenging to work with. yes i'ts really that big. It’s also too big for the launch pad hence why you see it on the runway and it sticks out the top of the VAB anyway. So use hanger extender in the SPH for the best experience.

What was updated

  • Added more parts.
  • The crane at the top now works
  • The crawler was improved 10 fold ==> the leveling system is now mostly functional!
  • Added more struts
  • Probably something else important

Important things to note

In contrast to the previous version, this version of the Crawler won’t function well without the aid of No crash damage turned on. It’s unfortunate but due to some weird KSP physics wheel stress seams to be amplified to some extent when the majority of the force being exerted on the wheels comes from a separate vehicle(in this case the launchpad and rocket are large force pushing on the wheels)…..This Launch pad and rocket have a mass of almost 5,000 tons in game which means that KSP consistently throws massive fits when you try to back it off of the runway while using the leveling system. and so this problem is solved by turning crash damage off.I understand that this explanation wasn’t great but im not writing a novel or a formal report so gimi a break. something with the coliders and wheel physics causes the wheels tocrash" into each-other even though they are part of the same craft.I solved this problem by turning off crash damage.

Launching the beast

BEFORE you load it in there are a couple of steps you should take to avoid giving your PC a heart attack. If you don’t follow these steps I can’t guarantee you won’t have 1941 explosions all at once.
So, before you hit the launch button turn on….

  • 1.Unbreakable joints
  • 2.No crash damage
  • 3.Hack grav. set it to minimum gravity and once the craft loads in, slowly increase the gravity until you make it back to 1.00. Turns out you don’t need hack grav on ¯_(ツ)_/¯

After it loads you must keep No crash damage and unbreakable joints turned on if you want to use the leveling system on crawler.I haven’t tested to see what happens if you turn off unbreakable joints but I know for sure that you need No crash damage.

Future Plans

All that said will I continue to experiment to see if I can find a more reliable and less explosive crawler system that won’t require cheats. Although if people don’t care all that much about using the cheat menu for something thats already almost unusable I may just focus on developing the other important infrastructure developed for the Apollo program like the launch pad, the Mobile Service Structure(MSS), the SIb and Skylab. Farther in the future I will probably dive into the Space Shuttle program and all of its infrastructure. I plan to build everything it’s just a matter of time but the next thing i’ll do is build the MMS unless someone wants me to do something else. If you have any suggestions just let me know :D


Forgot to mention you might want to have indestructible facilities on or you might blow up the runway. it’s not a requirement but during testing it definitely exploded a couple o times. just a thought.


A stock aircraft called Apollo Saturn V on Mobile Launch Platform(MLP) and Crawler-transport V-2. Built with 1941 of the finest parts, its root part is trussPiece1x.

Built in the SPH in KSP version 1.3.1.


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: lifter
  • Part Count: 1941
  • Pure Stock

Album of the new lifter

This is the Album of the old model Launch pad. still a good photos though.almost everything above the crawler had very minimal changes performed so many of these pictures are still applicable.

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