Archaeopteryx (Dyno IV-524B+)
by Lupi
uploaded 2020-01-03
stock+DLC satellite
#Sockodyne #Dragonfly


Archaeopteryx is a multirotor designed after Titan Dragonfly.
However, given KSC’s antenna logic is wonkier than real life, the Delphyne-24 upper stage has been adapted into a Jool system relay to support it, complete with trim thrusters, an additional RTG, and a scientific payload of its own.

Once in a Jool transfer window, the Dyno IV should insert Archaeopteryx and Delphyne into orbit, and then on its way to Jool!
A few course corrections may be required to get a laythe assist to capture you into Jool orbit.
Once within Jool’s sphere of influence, Archaeopteryx can detach and adjust its course to impact Laythe. Shallow works best. You can then detach the front of the craft, the ‘shroud’ for the heatshield serving as protection from fictional micrometeors or such during the cruise.

Inflate the main heatshield sometime before entry interface, and you’re good from there!
After the drogue chutes have fully inflated, play the KAL on top of the entry vehicle to begin the separation sequence, and prepare to pilot the Archaeopteryx to a comfortable landing!
(Dragonfly is going to do this too! it’s crazy, I know)

Provided you made sure the Laythe encounter captured the Delphyne into orbit, you should have a reasonably capable relay! You might even have enough fuel to do flybys of some of the other moons for additional science!

Staging may be slightly off once you reach just the Delphyne and Archaeopteryx.

Action Sets
Set 1: Archaeopteryx
1 - Toggle Rotor Power
2 - Park the rotors (kill rotation)
0 - Deployment Sequence KAL (activate at full drogue inflation)

Set 2: Delphyne
1 - Toggle Cheetah Main Engines
2 - Toggle Spark Trim Engines

Also of note, some fuel tanks start locked. These include the fuel and monopropellant tanks in the descent vehicle, and a reserve fuel tank in the Delphyne’s conic adapter.

A stock rocket called Archaeopteryx (Dyno IV-524B+). Built with 232 of the finest parts, its root part is Decoupler.0.

Built in the VAB in KSP version 1.8.1.


  • Type: VAB
  • Class: satellite
  • Part Count: 232
  • Pure Stock
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