Hummer H2
by Luigijitsu1
uploaded 2017-11-28
stock rover
#hummer #h2 #HUMMER #car #stock


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: rover
  • Part Count: 324
  • Pure Stock

A 100% STOCK replica of the Hummer H2 SUV! This beast is quite an offroader; however, be careful driving it as the Hummer likes to do donuts a lot for some reason (not that it does any harm) :/¨

¨Can seat up to five Kerbals, though in reality the H2 can seat up to eight, but I’m too lazy to figure that out for the three backs seats. To seat the Kerbals, get them out from the pods and get them¨to the Hummer (close or under, doesn’t matter) and once the seat reads Board, click it (while standing still) After all desired Kerbals are seated, press space to decouple from the pods.¨¨

It isn’t the fastest vehicle, but can still hit ~70 mph (~30 m/s ish)¨¨Have fun driving! (btw, the RAPIERS don’t do anything, they’re really there to affect the center of mass)

Edit: Since 1.4 affected the wheels/physics a bit, you might want to be more careful when turning now, just sayin’

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