by LevAerospace
uploaded 2017-06-29
stock ship


SLPC-1 Simple Low Part Count craft
As the race for the latest and greatest technology progresses, craft seem to get more and more complex, to the point where a simple Mun lander has 163 parts. Our best flight simulation equipment can barely keep up! We recognize that more isn’t always better. The SLPC-1 is a return to a simpler, more streamlined craft.

Designed to reach Low Kerbin Orbit, it can deliver a payload of several tons and make it back home again with only 18 parts! How did this feat of engineering happen? Our team looked at every piece of junk, er, technology and made a serious, critical review of the need of that piece.

Heat shield? Nope, you can use the engine, it’s made to be hot! Decouplers? You only need one when you don’t have a heat shield! Flight computer? Bring a pilot! They’re free! Ladders? Don’t be rediculous, we’re not going to Duna here, just use your jetpack.

The SLPC has a cargo bay and a docking port, for connecting to space stations or delivering payloads. The cargo bay serves an additional role in acting as an ablative shield to protect the crew during reentry. Just tell them to ignore any bangs and shimmies they might experience.

It’s not very easy to fly, nor powerful, or even efficient. But it is simple, and did we mention that it’s made of 18 parts? Lev Aerospace - making things easier when things are too hard to do easily.


Built in the VAB in KSP version 1.3.0.


  • Type: VAB
  • Class: ship
  • Part Count: 18
  • Pure Stock
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