M8 SpyRover Type-R LX
by LevAerospace
uploaded 2017-08-02
(updated 2018-07-09)
stock rover


At Lev Aerospace, we’re always on the lookout for new, untapped markets. Even when those markets have nothing to do with air or space. That drive for greater profits is what drove us to make a craft that drives.

Seeing that the market for autos is already well saturated, we sought instead to produce a vehicle for a select few government agencies that shall remain unnamed. They had very simple requirements - make a car that has everything a secret agent spy Kerbal could possibly need. We met that requirement and surpassed it!

First and foremost, the M8 has three methods of propulsion. Four wheel electric drive provides basic, low speed motivation. For times when a little more is required, it features a jet engine and rockets for good measure. Power comes from a huge, front mounted fuel cell with not one but TWO nuclear battery backups.

The frame is designed to take massive impacts, but in case you manage to impact it harder than it can take, the M8 features the ultimate in safety - dual ejection seats! We tested them extensively, and at least 50% of the time, one of the occupants survived, and those are pretty good odds for one of them. Nestling you in are two scissor doors, because they’re awesome, not because they were really needed.

It’s got tons of extra special features, including a huge illuminated hood-mounted tachometer (with a blinding red upshift light), even though there’s one in the dash right in front of the driver. Not to mention that the driver has no control over the transmission, but it’s important to look like you do. Under the front bumper you also have an integrated Drill-O-Matic for clandestine mining operations. We loaded up the interior with all kinds of sciency doo-dads which you probably won’t use, but they’re in there if you need them.

Lev Aerospace - taking things to the extreme, especially when we have an open contract with the KIA. Oops, we weren’t supposed to mention them - forget we said that.


One of the mods I typically use breaks this craft when it loads. They flip the rover body but leave the rest of the car the way it was. Since everything is tied to the rover body, it’s really hard to fix. I don’t know which mod it is, but I suspect it’s KW Rocketry, OPT, MRS, Chop Shop, or MK2 Expansion. Since this craft is pure stock, you’re good as long as you’re not running one of those. Going forward, I’m definitely not attaching everything to the rover again.


Built in the SPH in KSP version 1.4.4.


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: rover
  • Part Count: 70
  • Pure Stock
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