Korvette KV-1002
by LevAerospace
uploaded 2019-06-01
(updated 2019-06-01)
stock+DLC ship


Delighted by the prospect of government military spending and unlimited cost overrun, Lev Aerospace is proud to present our entry to the burgeoning Kerbal Space Navy.

For your consideration, the Kerman-Class Korvette, KV-1002. (Don’t ask what happened to KV-1000 and KV-1001. It wasn’t pretty.)

The KV-1002 features an armored crew section with an escape pod, fuel-cell augmented reactor power plant, VTOL capabilities, Close-In-Defense Cannons (CIDC), two hull-mounted mass drivers, and six guided anti-ship torpedoes. It carries enough fuel to reach LKO or out past the orbit of Duna (but not both, you’ll need a refueling station, which we’re happy to throw in at lots of extra fees). Excessive maneuvering thrusters mean that it can turn 180 degrees on any axis in less than five seconds. Four Vector engines provide enough acceleration to launch the ship from the ground straight up or out of the way of incoming weapons in space. Crew quarters can accommodate two pilots and a complete engineering team or up to sixteen Marines.

Featuring anti-ship torpedoes - side mounted launchers open to release weapons, close to keep in the explosive goodness. The escape pod can be launched in a moments notice, in case of catastrophic failure (or stupidity) safely blasting the crew away from the dying ship (well, three of them anyway; sorry Marines - you always get the short stick).

AG 1: Toggle main engines
AG 2: Toggle VTOL engines
AG 3: Toggle fuel cell
AG 4: Toggle cargo bay doors
AG 10: Toggle missile hatches


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: ship
  • Part Count: 366
  • Pure Stock

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