by LeRossignol
uploaded 2021-09-25
(updated 2021-10-21)
stock aircraft
#replica #bendy #tech

Pure stock - No DLC - 499 Parts

*Update : small cosmetic and structural changes

About this Replica

This is probably one of my most challenging crafts yet. My goal was to make a decent looking Su-57 with under 500 parts without the use of DLC, and I succeeded, with 499 parts! It flies relatively well (you can do backflips!) and goes to speeds of ~200m/s. It features custom control surfaces, gear doors and a weapons bay.

Cinematic video of this craft :

A little bit about the Su-57

The Sukhoi Su-57 Felon is a 5th generation multirole fighter developed for the Russian Air Force. It’s supermaneuverable, it’s stealthy but most importantly, I find it looks better than its competitors, the F-35 and F-22…
Here’s the Wikipedia page if you want to know more about this plane.

Custom Control Surfaces

Using a bit of bendy tech (my first time), I was able to make the back stabilizers and the front flaps pitch as they do in real life.

Landing Gear

For the gear, I did the best I could without the DLC and not surpassing my part limit. I still think it turned out great though, the only drawback is that you manually need to close/open the front door.

To close : press G (or gear) then click the door that remained open and toggle Deploy Direction to close. To open do this in reverse. See, not that bad!

Some images :

This plane flies pretty well, as mentioned before, and goes to around 150m/s at sea level (with full afterburner), with higher speeds higher up. The only thing you might want to keep in mind is when rolling it will yaw a bit, so correction may be necessary. For takeoff get up to ~60m/s then pitch up. I like to use afterburner. Talking of afterburner, you toggle it using RCS, and for the weapons bay 1.

Have a good time!

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